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Irina Surina — the lead vocalist of the famous Russian country music band «Kukuruza». Irina Surina has the great voice with, tremendous range and a heartfelt, passionate delivery. Irina studied music throughout her school years at the Gnesinykh music school on a class of violin. Then she had continued her professional training in a musical college on a class of vocal. When the already well-known country band Kukuruza had a vacancy for a lead vocalist in 1989, Irina, fresh out of college, auditioned for the job.

As the lead vocalist of Kukuruza Irina Surina appeared on stages of many cities of the former USSR. Since 1991 Kukuruza had repeatedly performances in USA where musical critics of America positively marked Irina’s beautiful voice. Irina took part in seven performances on the stage of the famous Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, five live TV-shows at TNN. Two of six albums of Kukuruza were recorded and published in the USA.
Irina Surina and Kukuruza are desired band for all festivals of country music and popular TV-shows in Russia because Irina is one of the best country-folk singers Russia. In 1998 parallel functioning with the Kukuruza Irina begins writing a solo album. Many well-know musicians of Russia took part in this project.

In 1999 Irina Surina took part in one of the largest European festivals of country music - Mrangovo (Poland) and gained Grand prix among singers (Country-Europe 99).